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If the car isn't running you'll always get the code for crank guess would be the cam sensor. 
Dave Forgie sends out a reminder almost monthly about "the things that can, and will leave you stranded at the side of the road.  The link is here:

General info is here:

Have you pulled codes?  Are you getting a check engine light at all? You may or may not get a code for a failing/failed can sensor. I've had it happen both ways. OE unit threw a code when it failed. The group buy replacment didn't. YRMV.

Sorry that's not more help and hopefully someone's responded to you directly by now. I've been on the road for 8 hours and haven't checked email till just now. 

Wylie Bean

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I shut the above vehicle off after it had run for about 10 minutes and now it won't start. What I've done:so far
Replaced the fuel pump; it was producing minimal pressure and flow
Replaced the Crank Position Sensor (A repair shop told me this was a common failure & gave me a print-out from the Bentley on testing this component.) It tested as defective.
Right now I find myself 120 miles from home with my Bentley languishing on my computer . Any help in diagnosing the problem/finding a solution will be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to get home soon.
Gary Meier
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