WIde open throttle switch

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Aug 8 16:55:57 PDT 2016

 > Is this causing my engine to race up and down?

Probably not.  Much more likely is an air leak into the intake tract. 
(Raises rpms, computer tries to fix, repeat...)

The idle switch just tells it to idle; the WOT switch provides 
enrichment for hard acceleration.  No point in disconnecting a switch 
that isn't doing anything.

By the way, to measure those switches you can also do key-off and check 
for continuity across them.

- Huw

On 8/8/2016 6:46 PM, Alan Streicher wrote:
> Audi model 80 2.0 3A
> This must be fixit month.
> Problem: surging throttle, up RPMs, then down. When idling, engine goes from 950- 1800. Up and down. Same when I'm driving, throttle has an up, down surge, but not more than 100-200 RPM.
> I checked the idle and full throttle switches.
> Idle switch.
> Connect a multi-meter, switch on, throttle closed: 0 volts
> Throttle open slightly: approximately battery voltage.
> Full throttle switch.
> Switch ON ignition.
> Throttle closed: approximately  battery voltage.
> Throttle completely open: approximately battery voltage (should be 0 volts).
> Manually depressing the lever, on the switch, no change, battery volts.
> So the WO throttle switch is not working.
> Is this causing my engine to race up and down?
> I have looked on the Internet for a replacement switch, none found.
> Can I just disconnect the WO throttle switch? 99% of my driving is on city streets.
> Would anyone have a spare switch with harness, PN 026133093D, that I can buy?
> Any other solutions gladly welcomed.
> Aloha,
> Alan
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