WIde open throttle switch

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Hi Al...err.....aloHA! Al,
That sounds like how my 5ktq behaved when the ISV was leaking.  On that car, the ISV's position at rest was to block air, and there was a little getting through.  On some ISV's, they will allow air to pass at rest, and the valve both opens further and closes (IIRC those are 3-wire, whereas the NC ISV's are 2-wire?)
Perhaps clean the ISV with a throttle body cleaner while cycling with a 9-volt battery?
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Audi model 80 2.0 3A
This must be fixit month.
Problem: surging throttle, up RPMs, then down. When idling, engine goes from 950- 1800. Up and down. Same when I'm driving, throttle has an up, down surge, but not more than 100-200 RPM.

I checked the idle and full throttle switches.
Idle switch.
Connect a multi-meter, switch on, throttle closed: 0 volts Throttle open slightly: approximately battery voltage.

Full throttle switch.
Switch ON ignition.
Throttle closed: approximately  battery voltage.
Throttle completely open: approximately battery voltage (should be 0 volts).
Manually depressing the lever, on the switch, no change, battery volts. 

So the WO throttle switch is not working.
Is this causing my engine to race up and down?
I have looked on the Internet for a replacement switch, none found.
Can I just disconnect the WO throttle switch? 99% of my driving is on city streets.
Would anyone have a spare switch with harness, PN 026133093D, that I can buy?
Any other solutions gladly welcomed.


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