Steering issue, NAC, VAC (Tihol Tiholov)

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Did you check the transmission mount (attaches to subframe) and  
possibly both upper mounts?  The description sounds like something is  
loose and engine torque is making it move.  Pls report findings.
Good luck,

93 Eurovan 5 sp, gas 426K km

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> '92 Eurovan, 5 sp., gas, 240K km
> Replaced inner CV boot on driver's side and re-greased inner CV joint pass.
> side - PO installed an aftermarket axle, grease was too thin and gasket on
> CV joint was broken, so grease leaked out. Re-assembled the inner CV joint,
> likely not as it was before, because it came apart, when trying to install
> the axle due to limited space.
> Issue is - when driving slowly, up to about 50 km/h, the steering wheel
> "wanders" left-right, regularly, about 5-10 degrees each way. Also, pulling
> to the right seems a bit too much, but inconsistent. Stops "wandering" at
> higher speeds and no pulling either.
> Another issue is, when under load, steep uphill, power surges - coming and
> going. New TPS is installed, no change.
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> --
> Tihol

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