Denver area '87-'88 5000CS parts car?

DeWitt Harrison dewitt635 at
Sun Apr 2 19:15:53 PDT 2017

Kent McLean wrote:
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> > As a side question, how can audio speakers go open circuit just sitting
> > the shelf? Gradual corrosion at the internal wire connections?
> I recall the V8 rear speakers have built-in amplifiers. The capacitors in
the amplifier would
> age and leak, rendering them and the speaker useless.  It may be the 5000
has similar
> amplified speakers, and a similar problem with leaking capacitors.

I do remember the amplified rear speaker issue with the Bose systems that
appeared about 1990. Some even caught fire, I believe. That audio system
followed the so called Audi "ten speaker radio"
system where plain rear speakers were driven by a trunk mounted, two
channel "booster" amplifier.

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5000CS

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