Big hose clamp and wobble

Tihol Tiholov t.tiholov at
Tue Oct 3 10:26:24 PDT 2017

Greetings, gents.
Thanks to Peter Golledge for help on both counts.

About the 2002 A4q, 155K kms:
I'd like to report that the big hose clamp I affixed on an outer CV joint
boot in the place of the mysteriously missing OEM clamp has given no
trouble so far. Driven up to 100 km/h no detectable unwanted vibes. SO far
impossible to find an OEM type clamp. Locally (way western Canada) sourced
clamps are the type used on rebuilt axles that leaked grease twice already
on another VAG product - both, the inner and outer boots at different times.

About the Y2K bug, 231K kms:
The wobble seems to be caused by an inner CV joint getting a little sloppy.
As Peter suggested, moving back and forth a wheel, while jacked up showed
the offending joint to have radial play of the axle shaft.

Now to find a CV joint (hopeless task so far) or an axle that will last
without breaking the bank - suggestions welcome.


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