Intermittent misfire

Tihol Tiholov t.tiholov at
Sun Oct 15 17:05:09 PDT 2017

Hi, all.
The patient is 2002 A4q 3.0, auto.
Occasionally, when I start it first thing in the morning it'll misfire with
CEL coming on or even blinking. Usually, when damp and cool, close to
freezing. After 15-20 seconds with a bit of throttle input (to which the
engine doesn't always react), it clears up and it's fine for the rest of
the day. After shutting down and restarting, it's all good.

Idle is often a bit rough, but again intermittently. Not sure, if there is
a connection.

Pulled trouble codes and they were all intermittent:
- Random cyl. misfiring,
- Every cyl. misfiring individually, except #6, 5 codes total for this,
- Catalytic converters heating circuits.

Seems like something resets itself at 2nd restart.

This morning it was misfiring at first start with CEL blinking, then after
shutting it off and restarting, no CEL, all was well for several restarts
and 30-40 kms short trips.

Any info, BTDT's, etc. welcome


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