Manufacture Date - Model year

Thomas Faust twfaust at
Sun Oct 29 14:55:29 PDT 2017

 From: Huw Powell <audi at>> To: quattro at> Subject: Re: Manufacture Date - Model Year?>  The tenth character in the VIN indicates the model year.>> 1985 = F> 1986 = G>> - Huw>> 
On 10/27/2017 2:34 PM, Thomas Faust wrote:> >> > Haven't had an Audi in a few years, so I have just been lurking on the> list. I've been looking at an Audi GT locally. Seller has no paper work.> The date of manufacture  on the door jamb indicates 6/85. If I need to get> a title, is that likely an '85, or '86 model year?> >> > Tom Faust>

Huw, If you still have the '82 CGT, I likely have the last clutch cable in America, it was a spare for mine. Any good to you, let me know.

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