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Audi RR (20V) ur-quattro engine Motronic error codes

3mm male loudspeaker connections are ideal for the ends of the switch and diode leads. Maplins sell "12V" LEDs that already contain a ballast resistor.

Remember that the RR's Motronic 2.4.1 system has a non-volatile memory and is capable of displaying as faults things that have long since been fixed. It is advisable to clear the memory before beginning any debugging work - this is done either by disconnecting the battery, pulling the ECU fuses along the side of the fusebox, or performing the following diagnostic procedure, including the last step.

1111ECU defective or incompetently modified
2111RPM sensor - ignore if engine not successfully started since ignition switched on
2112Top dead centre sensor
2113Hall sensor
2121Idle switch
2132No data - California
2141#1 knock sensor
2142#1 knock sensor
2143#2 knock sensor
2144#2 knock sensor
2212Throttle potentiometer
2214Max RPM exceeded
2221Vacuum pressure
2223Altitude sensor
2224Max boost exceeded
2231Idle control defective
2232Air mass sensor (ECU 447 907 404A)
2234ECU supply voltage
2312Coolant temp sensor
2322Inlet air temp sensor
2324Air mass sensor (ECU 857 907 404B)
2341CO content exceeded
2342Lambda sensor
4411#1 injector
4412#2 injector
4413#3 injector
4414#4 injector
4421#5 injector
4431Idle stabilisation valve
4442Wastegate frequency valve
4343Carbon canister frequency valve

There is a more comprehensive discussion of Audi 20V fault codes on Scott Mockry's site.

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