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Audi ur-quattro I5 Turbo Engines - Cam Belt Change

Cam belt changes should be carried out every 60,000km (45,000km preferred) or every five years, whichever comes sooner. The official procedure places the car on a lift and performs the operations on the harmonic damper bolt (crankshaft bolt or pulley bolt) from below using two Audi service tools - VAG 2084 to lock the crank, and VAG 2079 as a simple torque-multiplying lever.

There are two issues with the official procedure; there may not be a lift available, and even if there is the car may have had a minor (otherwise indetectable) frontal impact that has reduced the clearance required to get the 2079 to engage the bolt.

Accordingly the procedure detailed here is for the long-winded and time-consuming approach of removing the bumper and valance.

In the following discussion, "remove" means "undo, take off the car and store". "Detach" means "undo and leave on the car".

  1. Place front of car on ramps (special low-gradient type required) or axle stands
  2. Remove headlight trims, radiator grill
  3. Remove headlights
  4. If removeable transom fitted, detach end of bonnet release cable (7mm) and remove transom
  5. Loosen hydraulic pump pivot bolt, slacken and remove adjuster, detach belt
  6. Remove hydraulic pump pivot bolt or - if fouled by auxiliary radiator - bracket mounting bolts
  7. Remove upper cambelt cover (6mm Allen), spacers & upper securing stud - if the upper stud comes out with the screw and the spacer falls, there is no way back and the strip-down is commited
  8. Remove left and right undertrays
  9. Loosen alternator pivot bolt and adjuster, remove alternator and hydraulic pump belts
  10. Drain coolant
  11. Remove auxiliary radiator (loosen but do not remove two 10mm nuts underneath - auxiliary radiator slides out backwards)
  12. Remove plug wires, plug wire shroud & distributor cap
  13. Pull off rotor arm, remove dust cap, replace rotor arm (for roughly locating TDC)
  14. Detach top coolant hose from radiator
  15. Tie hydraulic pump up out of way
  16. Disconnect foglight connectors and feed down into bumper mounting space
  17. If possible (siphon tube) drain windscreen washer fluid - otherwise have 10mm bolt to hand
  18. Remove single 17mm hex head bolt each side through headlight space to release bumper
  19. If possible with an assistant, remove bumper from car, disconnect headlight washer hose, and - if reservoir not empty - plug hose with 10mm bolt.
  20. Remove valance. This can be extremely difficult and often requires determined long-range drilling. After performing this operation on an old car from a "salt area", few will doubt that stainless fittings sometimes have merit.
  21. Turn engine to TDC (cam/distributor) using #3036 on cam wheel, spanner on cam wheel bolt (19mm) or #2079 on harmonic balancer bolt (if car on lift)
  22. Lock crankshaft with tool #2084. Do NOT use transmission.
  23. Loosen water pump & rotate to loosen cambelt
  24. Remove belt from cam sprocket wheel
  25. Remove lower cam belt cover
  26. Remove harmonic damper bolt and withdraw pulley and belt
  27. Remove rear cam cover securing bolt from lower side of cylinder head
  28. Remove three upper oil pump securing bolts to free rear cam cover plate
  29. Remove water pump retaining bolts and remove water pump from engine
  30. Clean block face behind water pump


Special Tools:

Parts required:

Note: The face dimensions of all I5 engines are identical. It is possible to upgrade early engines to later specifications by changing all of the necessary parts - if this has been done, it may not be obvious and some or all of the parts here will not fit.

The basic story is:

FromToBeltPumpIdler Roller
Start85-D-902 500035 109 119035 121 004AXNone
85-E-900 00185-J-900 643034 109 119035 121 004AX069 109 243B
85-J-900 64485-K-002 000074 109 119034 121 004AX074 109 243
85-L-000 00185-M-902 000054 109 119A034 121 004AX069 109 243B

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