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ISO & DIN Radio and Satellite Navigation Connectors

The radio is the worst documented feature of the Audi ur-quattro. Because of Piech's dictum that a sports car is "a car in which it is pointless to fit a radio"? Or it reflects an attitude gulf between Germany and the UK - Germans refuse attempts to "foist inferior radios on them at silly prices" (and there is legislation on the subject there) whereas Britons object to "a high-priced car without a radio".

Despite the availability of the stunning Philips MCC, UK ur-quattros were fitted with distinctly inferior Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 44s. These used the DIN system - a four-pin plug for power, ground and aerial control, with a separate pin-and-blade plug for each loudspeaker. Fitting a modern top-line radio, CD changer or satellite navigation system requires rewiring the radio connections to the ISO 10487-1:1992 standard.

ISO 10487 Car Radio Connections

ISO 10487 car radio pinout - taken from a Blaupunkt Travelpilot 149 RNS
ISO car radio connectors - back of radio or cable side of connectors

In the UK, excellent connectors are available from Halfords or Nexxia. There may be up to four - connectors A and B are mandatory and often formed as a single block.

Halfords PC3-08 ISO 10487 connector
Halfords' PC3-08 connector - tinned and prepared with heatshrink tubing.
(Click on the image for higher resolution)

Halfords' PC3-08 adapter is indeed excellent - each wire has its function printed on it as a useful confirmation that connection is correct. There are DIN to ISO adapters and ISO to DIN - if fitting a modern radio into an ur-quattro, the best strategy is to adapt the existing harness entirely to ISO and purchase the ISO to DIN adapters in case anyone wishes to replace the original radio. Leaving a short piece of wire attached to each loudspeaker plug will allow the plug to be crimped onto the leads of an ISO adapter so that a radio with DIN loudspeaker connections can be fitted.

Note that the original Blaupunkt SQR is now a collector's item - either retain it with the car for a future owner or sell it via eBay.

Those concerned about the proposed FM switchoff in 2013 might review devices such as the dabonwheels Pure Highway DAB to FM remodulator, which allows the retention of a standard FM car radio in a DAB environment.

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