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Audi 10V I5 Turbo Engines - Cylinder Head Removal

(Does NOT apply to aluminium engines - refer to an authorized Audi dealership)

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In the following discussion, "remove" means "undo, take off the car and store" - "detach" means "undo and leave on the car".

  1. [MB, WR, WX] Remove headlight trims, radiator grill
  2. [MB, WR, WX] If removeable transom fitted, detach end of bonnet release cable (7mm) and remove transom
  3. [MC, 1B] Remove radiator grill & intercooler
  4. Loosen hydraulic pump pivot bolt, slacken and remove adjuster, detach belt
  5. [WR, WX, MC, 1B] Remove hydraulic pump pivot bolt
  6. Remove bolts securing hydraulic pump bracket to head
  7. Tie hydraulic pump up out of the way
  8. Remove upper cambelt cover (2x 6mm Allen). Loosen and remove the lower nut first - if the upper stud comes out with its nut, it may be possible to catch the spacer behind the cover before it falls into the crank pulley area. See below for a tool recommendation
  9. Drain coolant
  10. Drain oil
  11. Remove [main] oil filter to drain head galleries.
  12. [MB, WR, WX] Remove auxiliary radiator (loosen but do not remove two 10mm nuts underneath - base of auxiliary radiator slides out of slots in bracket backwards)
  13. Remove injector cooling fan deflector
  14. [MB, MC, 1B] Detach upper end of crankcase breather pipe from union on cam cover
  15. Remove plug wires, plug wire shroud & distributor cap
  16. Pull off rotor arm, remove dust cap, replace rotor arm (for roughly locating TDC)
  17. Detach inlet hose from injector cooling fan on side of head
  18. Unplug & remove injector cooling fan
  19. Unplug Hall sensor (distributor)
  20. Remove spark plugs
  21. Unplug control pressure regulator, unscrew from side of block & place on metering head - fuel lines stay attached. A special tool is useful.
  22. Detach accelerator cable from throttle quadrant - two safety clips should be present
  23. Undo injector line clip on inner side of inlet manifold
  24. Detach accelerator cable bracket from top of inlet manifold and tie back, taking care not to kink the accelerator cable
  25. Unplug cold start injector, unscrew from manifold & place on metering head - same tool useful
  26. Pull out injectors using ViseGrips or similar to grip the injector and a large screwdriver as a lever - place on metering head
  27. [MB, WR, WX] Unplug fuel consumption potentiometer (side of metering head)
  28. [MB] Unplug fuel frequency valve (green, behind metering head)
  29. Unplug switch(s) on throttle body & cut any cable ties to metering head
  30. [MB, WR, WX] Loosely tie detached fuel pipes to metering head, undo fuel feed (two high-quality adjustables or flare nut wrenches recommended - the 14mm flare nut is very easily damaged) & return (slim 19mm open-ended required) lines, pull off breather hose, disconnect accordion hose, unclip air filter housing and lift out entire fuel injection system
  31. [MB, WR, WX] Wrap open fuel line ends in aluminium foil to prevent dirt entry.
  32. [MB, WR, WX] Remove air filter housing
  33. [MB, WR, WX] Remove accordion hose and plug turbo inlet with rags
  34. [MC, 1B] Remove air filter cover & air filter
  35. Loosen spark plugs
  36. Turn engine to TDC (cam/distributor) using #3036 on cam wheel, spanner on cam wheel bolt (19mm) or #2079 on harmonic balancer bolt (if car on lift)
  37. Lock crankshaft with tool #2084. Do NOT use transmission.
  38. Detach top coolant hose from radiator
  39. Loosen water pump & rotate to loosen cambelt
  40. Apply cable tie to cambelt below cam gear
  41. Break cam gear bolt loose (80Nm - tool #3036 highly recommended)
  42. Undo cable tie and pull cambelt off cam gear
  43. Pack space below cam gear with rags in case Woodruff key falls (use rag same way during reassembly)
  44. Remove cam gear bolt, cam gear & Woodruff key
  45. [MB] Unscrew turbo after-run water pump from side of block
  46. [MB, MC, 1B] Check pump impeller rotates when voltage applied. The pump contains a magnetic clutch - buzzing does not mean it's actually pumping
  47. [MB, WR, WX] Tie loose loom back to air filter housing bracket
  48. Remove crankcase & cam cover breathers
  49. Disconnect injector cooling fan thermoswitch & remove heatshield & coil grounding strap from rear of cam cover
  50. [WR, WX] Remove bell housing bolts holding wastegate support bracket(s) if present
  51. Remove right CV joint heat shield (from underneath car)
  52. Disconnect downpipe from centre exhaust section & gearbox mounting
  53. Using a 3/8ths drive 13mm six-point socket & a duct-taped universal joint, undo wastegate to downpipe nuts - assistant useful to hold bolts from above, preferably skilled. Access may be better through the right wheel well with the road wheel removed
  54. Detach both vacuum pipes from wastegate
  55. Unbolt wastegate from exhaust manifold & remove
  56. Undo turbo oil connections & tie upper oil line well out of way
  57. [MB, MC, 1B] Detach upper & lower turbo water pipes - lower pipe non-trivial - 15mm Crowfoot flare nut socket recommended
  58. [MB, MC, 1B] Detach bracket holding upper turbo water feed and cam belt backing plate to front lower side of head
  59. [WR, WX] Remove bolt securing cam belt cover backing plate to front lower side of cylinder head
  60. Detach exhaust downpipe from turbo & push aside - upper nut next to engine non-trivial; requires semi-deep socket on long extension. 72-click gimbal-head ratchet (e.g., FACOM J.159) recommended
  61. Detach turbo to intercooler hose from turbo
  62. Detach turbo from manifold & remove from car - lower right nut non-trivial.
    (If assistant available, head can be lifted with turbo still attached - this is commonly done)
  63. Detach temperature sender wire, ECU vacuum feed & differential lock vacuum feed from rear of head & manifold
  64. [WR, WX] Remove pipe between wastegate centre chamber and exhaust manifold. Care required at manifold end - 19mm open-ended Crowfoot socket on very long extension through right headlight hole recommended. This pipe is an expensive part - significant care is appropriate. If in doubt, leave attached and remove on the bench
  65. [MB, MC, 1B] Detach wastegate main feed & wastegate control valve feed from rear of inlet manifold
  66. [MB, MC, 1B] Remove injector air supply hose - note this is a part (035 131 491T) and not just a hose - it has a constrictor inside it
  67. Using a mirror and "removal grade" Allen drivers, unscrew and remove the inlet manifold - difficult if Dialynx exhaust manifold fitted because of raised lettering cast into manifold. Beware that screws may suddenly release - damage to hands may result. A heavy glove is advised. Otherwise consider removing head with both manifolds attached - assistant required
  68. Unbolt top water hose from side of head
  69. [MB, MC, 1B] Detach wire from temperature sender below steering pump
  70. Remove cam cover and gasket
  71. Slacken head bolts diagonally from outside inwards, half turn at a time. Head gaskets usually contain a tightening sequence - follow this in reverse

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